Art & Technology Group

Tyler’s Art & Technology Group is a multidisciplinary pedagogical and research initiative formed to achieve the following goals:

Foster students’ technical knowledge of traditional and non-traditional ways of making, including manual, digital, and technological approaches

Define a systematic and critical approach to integrating new media and technologies into curricula

Develop a space or site for the creative, critical exchange and collaborative production of information, resources, and knowledge to function for the faculty, staff, and students of Tyler as a hub of the community

Develop a Digital Commons incorporating and expanding the Visual Resources Center

Connect with the digital humanities initiative of the Center for the Humanities at Temple


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International Women's Day

Graphic and Interactive Design alum, Lydia Nichols, designed the celebratory International Women's Day doodle. She is a bonfide Google Doodler in California.

Happy International Women's Day!

International Women's Day