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Back to Blog March 19, 2015

Architecture Professor Bob Shuman Weighs in on Building Design and Wind Tunnels

Author: Anonymous

Architecture Professor Bob Shuman was recently interviewed about building designs and their impact on wind tunnels. Newsworks interviewed Temple students as well as Shuman and Mechanical Engineering Professor Jim Chen about wind tunnels on Temple's campus. Shuman discusses why designs that cut down on wind tunnels have not been implemented in Philadelphia, "Architects love to respond to and articulate a lot of conditions in designing a building, but you have to decide which conditions are most important." Shuman says "Lots of times, if you ask an owner do they want to pay 30 or 40 thousand dollars or 50 thousand dollars for that sort of analysis, which can be done, there's a very limited number of people who do it. Usually the answer is no."

To see the complete article about wind tunnels, visit: http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/local/the-pulse/79275-the-science-of-wind-tunnels-where-and-why-those-harsh-winds-strike-.