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Back to Blog May 9, 2016

Art History alumnus teaches physicians and health-care workers to help sharpen their visual skills

Author: Jane DeRose Evans
Matt Palcyszkini teaching in PMA

Twenty-four physicians and health care providers from some of the nation’s best teaching hospitals walk through Philadelphia Museum of Art. For the last two years, these practitioners have been learning how to better educate the next generation of medical professionals in Penn GSE’s Medical Education Master’s program.

Matthew Palczynski (PhD, Art History, 2011), the art historian teaching them today, leads the students up the stairs to the modern art wing. He begins with an invitation to let go of their preconceived notions for the day, to be open and curious, to remember the feeling of going to a museum as a child, perhaps. I want you to embrace this experience.” ...

When Don Boyer (CHOP) met Palczynski and heard about the work he did with Wharton’s executive programs, using art to teach about creativity and innovation, he immediately thought of bringing him to Med Ed. “We spend two years in the Med Ed program giving leaders in medical education the tools necessary to expand their skills in medical education, largely sharing proven strategies and using established methods,” he said. “The idea of aiding them in thinking creatively and helping them think ‘outside the box’ was very appealing to me to round out their other class experiences.”