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Back to Blog November 16, 2017

Art Therapy Class Visits Magee Rehabilitation

Author: Michael Smaczylo

Art Therapy students had a valuable chance to meet with Art Therapist Julie Nolan at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital! After a discussion on the varieties of approaches to art therapy and the connections to relational aesthetics, Julie took students on a complete tour of the facility. She also explained what the experience is like for patients, and provided insight on real life experiences of a practicing art therapist.  The art throughout the building, made by patients, shares stories about each artist. During the tour students learned to critique artwork in a non-analytical way, viewing  and viewed it as any other type of artwork.

In this link you can learn about Nick who is a patient currently at Magee:

In response to the visit one student stated, “Overall being able to see the lifestyle of an art therapist helped me get a better understanding of what would be to come...This trip was very beneficial to me and hopefully my classmates as well”.