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Back to Blog March 26, 2018

Big Is Beautiful Show Reception

Author: Michael Smaczylo

Here are some pictures of the Underground Gallery “Big is Beautiful” reception showcasing artwork created by Thomas Holme school! The work exhibited a variety of mediums, color, textures, and cultures. Thomas Holme’s art teacher, Ms. Roksana Potocki, completed the Art Education program from Tyler School of Art in 2009 and also holds a Masters Degree in Education and is bilingual in Polish and English. She is also certified in English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor and is an expert in arts integration. The goal of her classroom is to teach, and develop an understanding and appreciation for art. Ms. Potocki embraces the diversity and includes the study of cultures in her lesson planning. She also supports the homeroom teachers and integrates literacy themes in her classroom.

Students, their families, and Ms. Potlocki pose in front of artwork.

A family poses in front of a student's artwork.

Parents photograph their children's art.

Parents and students view and photograph their work

Art Education students gather to view the work.

Art Education students admire the the student work.