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Back to Blog April 25, 2016

Coming to Community Development

Author: Tracy Purdy
Community Development Student Peter Bartholomew

This summer, Peter Bartholomew (CDEV, 2017) will be interning at the Philadelphia Land Bank.  He started out at Temple as a music major and switched to Community Development because he has seen community development first hand all his life. “My mom is an activist and works for Pittsburg’s Department of Human services. She encouraged me and my sister to be active in advocacy.  I have been involved namely through the ALS Association, the Student Conservation Association, Amnesty International, and the Heinz Endowment’s Breath Project.”

Peter, a recipient of the (now dissolved) Presidential Scholarship at Temple. Recipients of the scholarship were given summer stipends to intern in areas of interest. “The summer before my Sophmore year, I interned at a music studio in Guadalajara, Mexico, learning about music production in Spanish. The following summer, I decided to take summer classes at Temple, but I learned a lot about myself, switching majors from Jazz Bass Performance to Community Development.

This summer's internship will give Peter the opportunity to put his passion for community development to practice.