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David King and Nate Ricciuto at Goggleworks

Author: Katie Steinberg
David King and Nate Ricciuto

David King (MFA '11) and Nate Ricciuto (MFA '15) will co-teach The How and The Why at Goggleworks as part of their 2016 summer workshop series. In the class, students will develop their glassblowing skills through repetition and thoughtful analysis of the process. Starting out the week with King, students will establish a strong foundation by learning how to "set up" their bubbles in a traditional Venetian style. Confidence gained through traditional vessel making will lead to exploration of the sculptural possibilities of the blown form. Ricciuto will conclude with simple and effective cold-working tricks along with a glass glue primer and leave students with an expanded conception of what is possible.

The class will run August 15-19, 2016. Additional information can be found at:

David King:

Nate Ricciuto: