Back to Blog February 29, 2016

Doreen Garner Visits the Glass Department!

Author: Rïse Peacock
an image of Doreen Garner's Work

As part of the Laurie Wagman Lecture Series Doreen Garner presented an excellent lecture that consisted of numerous images of her mixed media sculpture, performances, and videos. Garner did an excellent job at articulating her conceptual inquiries and explorations that investigate the human body, sexuality, race, gore, and objectification. 

Through the conceptual content and visual aesthetics of her work Garner explained her desire to activate visceral reactions from viewers. Garner further explained the power of the gaze and spectacle and her utilization of both as a means to “take power back” and how this exchange between herself and the audience often times is crucial to complete the work that is presented. 

As a former undergraduate student of Tyler’s Glass Program it was exciting and nostalgic to have Garner back in the studio. Her energy and excitement inspired the students who attended her lecture and were present throughout the day. 

You can find more of Garner’s work at her website: