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Back to Blog May 18, 2018

Dr. Erin Pauwels to speak at PMA Center for American Art Scholars' Day

Author: Jane DeRose Evans
Marsden Hartley, The Rope and the Wishbone, 1936

Assistant Professor of Art History Erin Pauwels has been invited by the Philadelphia Museum of Art to present a gallery talk on the current exhibition "Modern Times: American Art 1910-1950" as part of the PMA Center for American Art's Scholars' Day on May 21. Her talk entitled, "The Objects of Modern Still Life" explores how everyday things were imbued with fresh meaning through the modernist experiments of Marsden Hartley, Charles Sheeler, Edward Weston, and other artists working in the early twentieth-century United States. Pauwels and her students at Tyler have been engaged with the PMA exhibition and its curators throughout the spring semester in connection with her recent Art History graduate seminar, "American Modernism(s)."