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Back to Blog April 27, 2016

Early Career Art Teachers at Tyler

Author: tuf71058

Last Thursday, Tyler School of Art hosted the last Early Career Art Teachers (ECAT) gathering of the Spring 2016 semester. Teachers demonstrated lesson plans, shared student work, visited the Art of Student Teaching exhibition, and discussed their teaching experiences together with Professors Lisa Kay, Wendy Osterweil, JoAnna Moore, and Pepón Osorio.

Monthly ECAT meetings will begin again in the Fall 2016 semester.

Pictured above, from left to right: Jamie Forslund, Chrissy Seonia, Erica Mandell, Gabby Smarr, Wendy Osterweil,
Walter Myrick, Jo-Anna Moore, Christina DeFabis. Front: Barbara Dasher and Molly Samuelson.