Back to Blog February 29, 2016

Edison Zapata Presents Lecture for Tyler Glass!

Author: Rïse Peacock

Edison Osorio Zapata visited Tyler Glass and gave an excellent lecture on his travels and experience while living in various countries for an extended period of time. Born and raised in Columbia, Zapata shared his experience growing up while his family housed refugees and how he believes this shaped his sensitivity to cultural communication via written and verbally exchanged language. After receiving two bachelor degrees - one from the Sydney College of Art and the Canberra School of Art, both located in Australia- Zapata applied for a scholarship to study abroad in a country of which he was not familiar with the language or culture. By doing this, Zapata hoped to place himself as an outsider which would help him locate the “infinite difference” that is experienced throughout the world. This scholarship proposal brought him to Tokyo where he completed his MA from the Tama Art University.  Due to his experience as a foreigner, Zapata went on to create a body of work that embodied dislocation and assimilation through the means of mixed media sculpture and video. 

After presenting his academic journey, Zapata then showcased what he is currently working on and how living in New York City has somewhat changed his artistic practice. Although he still very much considers himself an artist and hopes to return to creating more of his own work, he has currently been fabricating and designing work for other artists and companies. He called this a “dual role of both artist and technician” and explained how if one “looks at both sides of the same coin they will always learn and always grow.” These are strong and inspiring words for students who will soon be graduating from school.