Back to Blog April 21, 2017

EVERYTHING MUST GO - Group Show At Paley Library

Author: Anonymous

Everything Must Go is an interndisciplinary exhibition taking place at Samuel Paley library April 22nd to 29th.  The exhibition began as part of a graduate course in the Sculpture department taught be C.T. Jasper, and will include work by Zoe Berg, Jonas Denzel, Zero Desoco, Robin Donnelly, Christina Eltvedt, Enrica Ferrero, Sarah Heyward, CT Jasper, Maria Leguizamo, Matt Speedy, Kara Springer, Taylor Sweeney.

An opening reception will be held this Tuesday, April 25th, at 6:30pm in the library lobby.  

Free admission.  All are welcome.

The show statement reads:

We are an interdisciplinary group of artists earning MFAs at Temple University mounting the exhibition Everything Must Go in Samuel Paley Library this April. Our particular, though by no means prescriptive, departments include film, sculpture, dance, painting, and fibers and material studies. It is important to understand that our practices are as diverse and interdisciplinary as our group, and Everything Must Go reflects this. This subtle collaboration with Paley Library exists on nearly every floor of the building, with sculpture and 2D works in empty stacks, installation in neglected corners, performance throughout, and video work on public monitors. Everything Must Go acknowledges the gigantic pit across the street and the fate of Paley, as well as its books, which will be consigned to tomb-like bins accessible only via an automated retrieval system. Please browse our work as you might the books on the shelves while researching. Both are available for a limited time only. After all, Everything Must Go.