Back to Blog November 9, 2016

Fulfill: A Micro-Granting Meal

Author: Caitlin
fulfill promotional poster with date a time of event


Glass, Ceramics, and the Fiber & Material Studies departments have donated handmade wares to Fulfill, an event whose proceeds will be evenly distributed to three non-profit organizations. A $20-30 donation will allow you access to the event which provides you with a locally sourced meal in dishware made by the ceramics and glass departments, with napkins created and screen printed on by the fibers department. It’s an amazing event that gives back to the community and it is sure to be a wonderful night.

The three non-profit organizations that will benefit from this event are:

Throw Away Dogs Project: This program rescues thrown away dogs, trains them, and then donates the dogs to K9 Departments around the region that cannot afford them. They not only save the life of an animal but help communities in need. More information about this program can be found at

Philadelphia City Rowing: They teach young people from the Philadelphia public school community to participate in a competitive rowing program for free. In turn the young adults can apply the lessons they have learned rowing to other aspects of their life while creating a strong sense of community and improved self-confidence that travels far beyond their time on the water. More information about this program can be found at

La Salle Academy: This school provides a rigorous academic environment for children grades 3-8 who would not have the means to receive a catholic school education. They help prepare them for higher education and the workforce while providing them with values of peace and respect towards others. Almost all of their operating budget is from donations. Learn more about the La Salle Academy here:



Tickets can be purchased at The sale ends today so get your tickets soon!


We look forward to seeing you there and are grateful for your support!