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Back to Blog February 2, 2016

GAID alumni publishes 2nd book

Author: Kelly Holohan
Callaloo Cover

Nabeeh Bilal, Graphic & Interactive Design graduate (BFA 2009), is the co-creator of the award-winning Callaloo children's media brand and is responsible for the brand’s look and visual Development.

Along with his partner and author, Marjuan Canady, He co-created the Callaloo children's media brand in 2013 with a focus on cultural literacy and social education. To date, Callaloo has produced a book series, an educational web series, educational curriculum and workshops, and live performances.

Most recently, he published the second book in the Callaloo series titled "Callaloo:The Legend of the Golden Coqui" (for children ages 3-7). The latest book takes readers from New York City to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico where the book's main characters must solve an age old mystery surrounding the Golden Coqui.

His latest book is available at
you can learn more about Callaloo at

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