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Back to Blog March 23, 2016

Graduate Studio Focus Group 2 - Photo Mapping by Community Members

Author: Tracy Purdy
Graduate Planning Studio community members captionin photos

Photo Credit: Mahbubur Meenar (all photos are copy-righted).

On March 14th, the MS CRP Planning Studio Team held a second focus group meeting with Kensington community members to discuss the photos they took in and around the neighborhood.  Each person was given a poster with photos they took printed and were asked to lable them as Like, Dislike or Wants, location, and why he/she took the picture.

Each member of the group had the opportunity to explain their photos in a small group, while graduate students Michelle Atherton, Leonard Bonarek, and Ted Mullin took notes on emerging themes and keywords during the discussion. The small groups then combined to hear about each others thoughts on the areas srengths and weaknesses.  The session wrapped up with the participants recommending how the Likes and Wants should be planned for the 5 catalyst sites in the Brownfields Area Wide Plan, an EPA funded research project through the Center for Sustainable Communities.