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Jessica Jane Julius at Pilchuck Glass School

Author: Anonymous
Jessica Jane Julius and Erica Rosenfeld

Jessica Jane Julius and Erica Rosenfeld, co-founders of the Burnt Asphalt Family artist collective, will co-teach "Stop, Collaborate, & Listen" at Pilchuck Glass School this summer during their second session, which runs May 31 through June 17. "Students will investigate the artist collective as support for both individual and collaborative works. The class will discover how to create work using shared resources while merging processes and materials. Play will be the unifying ingredient, so be prepared to embrace impulse, reaction, and interaction. Students will use the Hot, Cold, Flame, and Wood and Metal Shops and visit thrift stores. The class will culminate in an all-campus extravaganza using glass and found materials." For more information on the course, please visit:

Jessica Jane Julius:

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