Back to Blog March 1, 2016

John Drury Gives Lecture for The Laurie Wagman Lecture Series!

Author: Rïse Peacock
John Drury presenting his lecture to students.

As part of the Laurie Wagman Lecture Series, the Tyler School of Art’s Glass Department welcomed John Drury. To open his lecture Drury read a beautifully constructed list that explained where he comes from, his philosophies regarding the visual and written arts, and how he approaches his work. Some of his commentary included, “ I make from what I have seen and done… I prefer my thumb in many pies, I am first and foremost an artist. I am a writer and educator fitting naturally into neither… I am not a prophet or a mathematician, believing rarely in black and white. Though interested in contrast, speaking to dichotomy through opposites as seemingly defined, war and religion is one, it is at the kissing crust - that gray - that I find inspiration.”  

After his heartfelt introduction, Drury then gave an extremely fun and enthusiastically informed lecture that included imagery and text that surrounded his multi-faceted artistic practice. These images included a numerous amount of individual works he has completed over the years. Drury describes this part of his process as “a sculpture a day”  while utilizing found and collected objects for materials. He also provided images of work he has created through his artistic collaboration CUD with Robbie Miller. In addition to these, Drury also showcased drawings that he collaborated on with his daughter. He spoke of the importance of his family and his experience living in New York City.