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The Laurie Wagman Lecture Series in Glass Spring 2016

Author: Katie Steinberg

Monday February 8th | Tyler 121 @ 10.40am


Doreen Garner’s work has been described as “raw mixed media” that activates visceral reactions from viewers that range from disgust to fascination. Utilizing materials such as - but not limited to  - glass, glitter, condoms, petroleum jelly, human hair, and polyester fiber, Garner investigates the psychological territory within the realm of the human body, sexuality, race, gore and objectification.

Garner is a Philadelphia native who received her BFA from the Tyler School of Art of Temple University and MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She also studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and has been featured in a number of periodicals such as Glass Quarterly, GAS News, Huffington Post, and BOMB Magazine. While remaining extremely active after completing her graduate studies, Garner became the recipient of many prestigious awards and residencies that include a Pioneer Works Studio Residency, Wood Institute Fellowship Research Grant at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and The Creative Glass Center of America Fellowship at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center among others.


Wednesday February 10th |  Lecture Tyler 121 @ 1.30pm


John Drury is a New York City artist, writer, and educator who lives with his family and works in Brooklyn. Through the use of chance, process, and play, Drury constructs symbolism and personal biography through his use of glass and mixed media.

Drury received his BFA in 1983 from the Columbus College of Art and Design and his MFA in Sculpture and Painting from Ohio State University in 1985. Since then he has demonstrated an extremely prolific creative career. He is one of the founding trustees of Glass Axis – a non-profit public access glass facility in Columbus, Ohio- and is a member of the collaborative art duo CUD with Mr. Robbie Miller. Drury is the recipient of many awards that include the Pernod Liquid Art Award, and the Louis Comfort Tiffany Award for the Visual Arts. Currently, he is teaching at Urban Glass, exhibiting internationally, and contributes to Glass Magazine.


Monday February 15th | Tyler 121 @ 10.40am


Edison Osorio Zapata received his BA in Visual Arts from the Sydney College of Art in Australia and an additional BA in Visual Arts from the Canberra School of Art at the Australian National University. He furthered his education by completing his MA from Tama Art University in Tokyo. His work derives from his experience as a foreigner and through this experience issues surrounding the failures of communication along with his sensitivity to dislocation and assimilation are what have led him to his investigations in mixed media sculpture and installations.

Zapata is a native of Columbia and was born in Venezuela. He has lived all over the world including Australia and Japan. Through his living and traveling experience, Zapata demonstrates a keen understanding of the nature of comprehension and its ability to become distorted via cultural misunderstandings. He is the recipient of a number of awards and scholarships that include the WheatonArts Fellowship at the Creative Arts Center of America, the UrbanGlass Emerging Artist Fellowship, and numerous scholarships from the Pilchuck Glass School.


Wednesday February 17th | Tyler 121 @ 1.30pm


Mathew Day Perez describes his artistic practice as “combining, subverting, and exploiting materials.” He demonstrates this through his utilization of glass, digital / printed media, and installations.

Perez received his BFA from Illinois State University (2007) and his MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (2010). He is a Fulbright Fellow of which he completed research at the Australian National University. He is also the recipient of the John Rena National Endowment for the Arts Scholarship, the U.S State Department for New Works, and the Lois Roth Grant. Perez has completed numerous residencies at the Corning Museum of Glass and the Creative Glass Center of America.


Wednesday February 24th | Tyler 121 @ 1.30pm


Andrew Page is the editor-in-chief of the magazine GLASS Quarterly, which is published and distributed four times a year by UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, NY. The magazine focuses on critical commentary surrounding the use of glass in contemporary art. Page has assigned articles by leading curators, critics, and practicing artists to ensure a broad range of perspectives. GLASS Quarterly has provided critical context to the most important work executed in glass since 1979.

Before taking his position as editor of GLASS Quarterly, Page was executive editor of Avenue Magazine and was also the arts editor for Philadelphia Weekly. He has also served as a writer for Brooklyn Bridge Magazine. Page has organized and sat as moderator for a number of panels that focus on critical issues and concepts within the glass community. He has also written an essay on the history of the Studio Glass Movement which was published in the book Contemporary Glass (2008). Page currently lives and works in New York City.


Monday March 7th | Tyler 121 @ 10.40am


Tina Aufiero is an artist and educator whose practice and teaching take on an interdisciplinary role as it spans across investigations via sculpture, craft, design, and technology. She has taught at numerous educational institutions that include Parson’s the New School for Design, the Rhode Island School of Design, and the University of Washington Seattle.

Aufiero received her BFA in Sculpture/Glass at the Rhode Island School of Design (1981), a degree in Feminist Theory-Performance from New York University (1991-1993), and her MFA in Design and Technology in 2005 at Parson’s the New School for Design. She has lectured and exhibited internationally with works included in the Musee des Art Decoratifs (Lausanne, Switzerland) and Venini Spa in Italy. Aufiero has received a numerous amount of awards that include – but are not limited to – a Fulbright Scholarship to present a lecture in Iceland, Technology Initiative Fund NSU, and the Penny McCalls Foundation.


Wednesday March 16 | Tyler 121 @ 1:30pm


Nate Ricciuto is an artist living and working in Columbus, OH. He earned an MFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, where he was the recipient of a University Fellowship. Nate holds a BFA from The Ohio State University and has been selected as a teaching assistant and staff member at schools such as Pilchuck Glass School and Oxbow Summer School of Art. His work has been featured in the Corning Museum of Glass’s New Glass Review, and has been included in juried and invitational exhibitions across the United States. Nate has taught as a Visiting Lecturer at The Ohio State University and Adjunct Faculty at Tyler School of Art, and served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Glass Axis Non-Profit Studio and Gallery. Most recently, he was awarded a Fellowship at the Creative Glass Center at Wheaton, and will be an Emerging Artist in Residence at Pilchuck in Fall 2016.