Back to Blog March 1, 2016

Mathew Day Perez Gives Demo for Tyler Glass!

Author: Rïse Peacock
Mathew Day Perez giving a mold making demo.

Matthew Day Perez paid a visit to Tyler’s Glass Department! One of the themes that seemed to resonate during Perez’s lecture was an awareness to audience of which he demonstrated by showing his work prior to graduate school - something he does not normally do - but wanted to demonstrate to the students where he had started and how it led him into his current practice. 

He then moved into his experience while at graduate school and showed the research he completed with Richard Whiteley at the Australian National University. An opportunity that he was able to complete by receiving the Fulbright Fellowship Research Grant.

With his energetic personality and fun tactics that engaged the participation of students, Perez gave a lively mold making demo that showcased how he continually constructs and deconstructs molds throughout his making process. To finish his demonstration he held an “annealing dance party” to physically explain the chaotic nature of glass while in the annealing process. His presentation was enjoyable in that it was personable as the room was filled with laughter from both himself and the audience.