Back to Blog June 9, 2016

MFA Student Natalie Kuenzi assisting Roberto Lugo

Author: chaddcurtis
Natalie Kuenzi with a Roberto Lugo pot in progress.

Congratulations to MFA Ceramics student, Natalie Kuenzi, who is working as Roberto Lugo's studio assistant this summer at The Clay Studio.

From The Clay Studio's website:

Roberto Lugo has aspired to work with The Clay Studio since college when his ceramic professor told him about the Artist Residency Program. Lugo sees the Guest Residency at The Clay Studio as a pivotal moment in his career. Through his work with students through The Claymobile and personal explorations of the murals and Philadelphia neighborhoods, he will draw inspiration from the city while exploring the question: how does my past make me who I am today? During his time at The Clay Studio he plans to create vessels that portray images of people not commonly found on porcelain vessels, people of color, with a focus on those from the history of Philadelphia.

During Roberto's time as the guest-artist-in-residence he will work with The Clay Studio's Claymobile program at the Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice Services Center (PJJSC). The Claymobile program has been partnering with PJJSC to bring clay classes to the center every Saturday since 1998. Working at PJJSC aligns well with Rob's passion for arts education and bringing awareness to issues around youth incarceration.

Read more about Roberto's residency at The Clay Studio here.