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Back to Blog February 9, 2016

Michelle DiMarzo gives her "Fellow Shoptalk" at the American Academy in Rome

Author: Jane DeRose Evans
Titian, Danae, 1545

The talk, "Titian and the Culture of Mid-Century Rome: The Venetian Amid the Ruins" was given at the American Academy in Rome on Feb 8, 2016, and it highlighted her work as a Fellow at the AAR.

Between 1545 and 1546, Titian spent eight months in Rome at the court of Paul III Farnese. With a studio in the Belvedere and Giorgio Vasari as his cicerone, Titian's time in the papal city was characterized by unparalleled access to the best of both the ancient and contemporary worlds. Here he unveiled the Naples Danaë, a work which hinted at the insistent materiality which would become a hallmark of the artist’s late style. Instead of leaving this period as a footnote to the lengthy career of this most “Venetian” of painters, Michelle Di Marzo's work repositions Titian’s Roman journey as a lens onto his activity in the crucial decade of 1540s, which, both on-canvas and off, was a period of significant tension and change.