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Back to Blog February 12, 2016

Pre-College Summer Workshops

Author: Laura Hricko
a student is drawing in a sketchbook

Pre-College Summer Workshops are now open for registration!  High school students who are interested in getting a taste of the art school experience and building an impressive portfolio can enroll in a wide variety of two-week long workshops.  For each two-week session participants will select two studio classes that they will attend every day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Classes will be taught by Tyler instructors and students will have access to the extensive facilities and resources available on campus.  Classes include figure drawing, video art, graphic design, and this summer an exciting new class is being introduced: Zines: Intro to D.I.Y. Printed Media.  In this highly specialized class students will learn about the historical and cultural context of zines and study creative techniques for printmaking and bookbinding.  Check out all of the available class listings and register today!