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Back to Blog October 26, 2016

Prof. Jane DeRose Evans testifies in favor of the MoU for Cyprus before the Presidential Cultural Property Advisory Committee

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Prof Evans testified yesterday in Washington, DC on behalf of the extention of the Memorandum of Understanding to impose import restrictions on Cypriote antiquities into the United States.  The bilateral agreement between Cyprus and the United States lasts for five years, and Evans noted the dangers of looting to the national security of the US, as smugglers do not specialize in antiquities, but use the smuggling networks to move arms, drugs and humans as well as antiquties.  She wanted to especially bring to the attention of the advisory committee the special vulnerability of coins, which are found using metal detectors (the use of metal detectors is highly regulated on Cyprus, as in most antiquities-rich countries).   Looters searching for coins destroy important information about entire sites, leading to the loss of the knowledge of not only the history of Cyprus, but all human history.