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Back to Blog August 1, 2016

Professor Wendy Osterweil Receives Outstanding Higher Education Art Educator Award

Author: Kari Scott
Picture of Wendy Osterweil

Wendy Osterweil, Associate Professor of Art Education, will receive the 2016 Outstanding Higher Education Art Educator Award from the Pennsyvania Art Education Association (PAEA), it was announced this week. 

In their announcement, PAEA noted that "those who spoke in support of your nomination praise your passion and commitment to strengthen art as a key element in the educational system. Their knowledge of the many ways in which you worked within your field revealed your unceasing efforts and innovative activity in promoting arts values and importance.  You have set a hight standard for fine art educators..."

We couldn't be more proud of Wendy and the contributions she makes to Tyler students and the Art Education Department!

The Pennsylvania Art Education Association actively supports and promotes visual art education professional development, leadership, and service. You can read more about them on their website.