Back to Blog March 30, 2015

Student Foundation Award: Sarah Demers

Author: Yen Dinh
Sarah Demer and her work

The Foundation Program has awarded three students one of the three Dean’s Foundation Awards. Students are selected by a faculty jury and representatives from the Dean’s office based on their work. The award is given to students who created excellent work in one of the three areas of the foundation curriculum.

Below is the statement of Sarah Demer, one of the students who was selected for the award:

My cardboard sculpture, Forced Perspective, was originally supposed to be 4 feet tall but my teacher insisted on pushing my limits. Originally I was very skeptical, but as I developed a process and technique I began to fall in love with it. I came to Tyler thinking I knew which direction I wanted to take my art in, but this project has changed my mind. I enjoyed exploring a new field of art that I never expected to enjoy so much, I gained a lot from this project.  

Photo credits to Sam Fritch