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Back to Blog March 28, 2018

Therese Dolan to speak on fashion and impressionism at Barnes

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Dr. Therese Dolan (emerita) will give a lecture, "A la Mode: Fashion and Impressionism" at the Barnes Foundation, 2025 Ben Franklin Parkway, Saturday April 7, 11.30-12.30. 

Her lecture is about the impact of Parisian fashion on Impressionism: in their attempts to to capture the look and feel of modern Parisian life, Impressionist painters often depicted stylish women sitting in cafes, strolling the newly renovated boulevards, and dancing at chic soirees as representatives of the fashion capital, where haute couture became synonymous.  Dr. Dolan will survey the theoretical, literary, and historical aspects of Parisian fashion and its impact on the arts.