Back to Blog March 9, 2016

Tina Aufiero Visits Tyler Glass!

Author: Rïse Peacock
Tina Aufiero presenting her lecture to Tyler Glass students!

Yesterday Tina Aufiero - Artistic Director of Pilchuck Glass School - presented an absolutely lovely lecture to Tyler Glass which focused on her role as both a teacher and artist and how both of her roles inform the other. In regards to her dual role and the relationship between them Aufiero stated, “I always feel like I am making circles. . . teaching for me consisted of a lot of different things. It kept me reading, making, and constantly learning.”  

She spoke of Feminism - which she was introduced to by her little brother - and Psychoanalysis and the direct impact these philosophies had on her work in regards to interpreting the personal and confronting our multiple selves. Aufiero also showed some of her student’s work that incorporated various digital formatting technologies. She explained how her teaching role in regards to these technologies brought her to explore them in her artistic practice. This gave her the opportunity to study in Iceland on a Fulbright Scholarship and receive a Masters Degree in Technology from Parsons. 

To see some of Tina Aufiero’s amazing work for yourself visit her website at: