Back to Blog April 9, 2016

Tyler Alum Begins Solo Exhibition

Author: Anonymous
Featured work by Kevin Hughes

“Marlon Brando. Humphrey Bogart. John Wayne... They’re classics.  Solid. Straight to the point.  The good old boys.”

A Tyler Alum has opened a new show at the Gallery Four in Gothenburg, Sweden. It opens on April 8th, 2016. It is accompanied by a reception on the opening day as well as a lecture at HDK, University of Gothenburg.

Kevin Hughes is Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hughes is a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design with a MFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing and received his Bachelor’s of Fine Art at Tyler School of Art. His practice is based out of Providence, Rhode Island and his work focuses mainly on small sculpture and jewelry.

His exhibition, called “The Good Old Boys” is a contemporary exploration of jewelry, focused on the craft and tradition. “I found it hard to work without hearing the voices of old mentors in the back of my head; ‘Focus on craftsmanship. Watch your centerline. Make it simple, but significant. Tradition. Heritage. Focus. I felt that I couldn’t continue until I took a step back and really took a moment to explore these ideas and concepts that are the backbone to my work. These are the elements, materials, theories that started my initial interest in jewelry and metalsmithing.”

The exhibition will remain open until May 9th, 2016.