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Back to Blog July 27, 2016

Tyler Alum Paints “Rhythm and Hues” on the Parkway!

Author: Kari Scott
Brad Carney & a student helper painting the mural on the parkway

What's 33,000 square feet and full of color in the middle of Philadelphia this summer? A new mural, painted on the pavement of Eakins Oval on the Ben Franklin Parkway! Created by Brad Carney, '02, this mural is on view till the middle of August. Brad created this mural for the Mural Arts Project and it serves as the backdrop for a number of events held in Eakin's Oval this month.

Brad based the mural on both his love of music and art.  Inspired by both high-school art and music teachers, he designed a mural that brings together his two creative loves. He says "You can draw attention with different rhythms happening at the same time – you can do all kinds of fun things with that! Music can be visual, can make you feel things, and it’s the same thing with color, painting, and line work. It’s composition, it’s focal point, it’s highs and lows, it’s contrast."

The mural was created with the help of Mural Arts summer interns (a program Tyler students participate in), students from the Mural Arts Education program, and Guild members from the Restorative Justice project. They had to paint the parkway with 66,000 square feet of primer--2 coats--before they could even start painting the mural!  Since this was such a big project with a relatively short installation time, it was mostly painted with rollars, not brushes.

When asked for a partcularly memorable time as a student at Tyler, Brad replied "My time at Tyler was best served abroad at Tyler Rome. This unique opportunity allowed me to see my instructor Dan Dallman as a working artist. Before this, I had never seen too many of my teacher's personal artwork before. Not only did he teach us about painting and critical dialogue, I had the opportunity to watch him work in his studio down the hall from all of us, the students. He showed me that being a student, a teacher, and an artist can be a life-long journey."

We congratulate Brad on his beautiful mural and thank him for making Philadelphia just a big more colorful this summer!

See more photos, plus a story about the mural, here.

Photo Credit: Artist Brad Carney jumps across a portion of Rhythm & Hues during the murals' installation. Photo by Steve Weinik. ©2016 Brad Carney / City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Eakins Oval.