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Back to Blog December 13, 2013

Tyler Professor's Work on Display at Museum of Art & Design

Author: Anonymous
Doug Bucci's piece Sweetmeat

Adjunct Jewelry Professor Doug Bucci makes all of his jewelry on a 3D printer. His piece "Sweetmeat" is currently on display for the Museum of Art & Design's "Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital" exhibition.

"Two years ago, I was invited by MAD's curator Ron Labaco to be a part of the Out of Hand exhibition," Bucci said. "Labaco had seen the beginnings of my new series 'Sweetmeat' at the 2011 SOFA New York exhibition. The work was presented by Sienna Gallery as part of the exhibition 'Covet'."

His piece is an epergne, or centerpiece, that was 3D printed and made up of stainless steel, nylon, biocompatible resin, silicone, and 18k gold.

"I suspect, the main reason Labaco chose the piece was because of my use of Computer Aided Design and Rapid Manufacturing techniques I used in the piece," Bucci said.

In the 1700s, wealth and status were conveyed through the platters, tureens, and espergnes that people owned. According to Bucci, dining for the aristocracy was more about ostentation, display, and consumption of wealth than it was about the necessity of eating.

"In the present day, such over-indulgences can have deadly consequences, leading to obesity, diabetes, and diabetic complications. I drew from the beauty of the table service to recreate an intricate vessel, but now the gruesome image is the shrouded human consequence of such action," Bucci said.

The exhibition will be on display at the Museum of Art & Design, 2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019, until July 6, 2014.