Back to Blog April 10, 2017

Urban Acupuncture Collaborative Rejuvenates Surrounding Temple Neighborhoods

Author: Andrea Smith

Associate Professor of Architecture Sally Harrison and Associate Professor and chair of the Planning and Community Development Department Lynn Mandarano discuss their design collaborative, Urban Acupuncture, in the most recent edition of the Temple Magazine. Tyler’s Urban Acupuncture Workshop, which has been running since 2002, works with the community to revitalize surrounding neighborhoods. Harrison explains the purpose of Urban Acupuncture is to take small design steps that positively impact the community, which will help overtime rekindle the community’s improvement. The article focuses on two projects: The Village of Arts and Humanities near Germantown Avenue and Huntington Street, known as Digging Deeper, and a proposed pop-up marketplace bordered by Germantown and Susquehanna Avenues. Digging Deeper, completed in 2013, rejuvenated the site with colors, light, and continues to bring the community together through urban farming and education. The pop-up marketplace is still in the works, and has similar goals of bringing the community together, providing easily accessible necessities and jobs.

Click here to view the article in the Temple Magazine: