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Visiting artist Helena Parriott's lecture on Oct.12th

Author: Pan
an image of Helena Parriott's work

We are honerd to have artist Helena Parriott to give a lecture at Tyler 121 this Wednesday. Helena Parriott, a painter and sculptor, received a BFA with distinction in 2010 from California College of the Arts, in San Francisco, California. Parriott’s work has been shown with galleries and institutions including VICTORI + MO, Brooklyn, NY, Novella Gallery, New York, and Centotto Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, UrbanGlass, Brooklyn, NY. In Fall of 2015, she presented a series of performances through the Community Activation Program at UrbanGlass, Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been selected for the ArtBridge Off the Grid project, and won Honorable Mention in ArtSlant’s annual ArtPrize, which exhibited in Miami at Aqua Art Fair. Parriott has been awarded a fellowship through the Creative Glass Center of America scheduled for fall of 2016.

Here is how she introduces her artistic practice: "Through painting, sculpture, and performance, I work with the ideas of rhythmicality, communication, and the identity of materials. In Dissociation, utilizing acrylic-paint reproductions of man-made surfaces and refuse, the textures take on the qualities of paint; flexible, and lightweight. The abstract compositions, being made of recognizable objects and surfaces, create a momentary sense of confusion about the absoluteness of our material reality. Transmission is a performance piece, using a motor driven easel to create a continuous drawing for 30 minutes. The mark-making is done with both hands, mirroring the line of the other. In the process I seek an abstract language of self-expression through improvisational mark making. In all of my works, I pursue a sense of immediacy, believing there is a vibrancy to art made with fluid gesture."

More information about Helena Parriott and her work can be viewed in her website: