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whatIF Comes to Temple April 19th

Author: Anonymous

Looking for something to do on the 19th? Tired of being uninspired and looking for a creative pick-me-up? Do you like free food?

Then look no further!

The whatIF festival is coming to temple on April 19th, full of creative ideas, endeavors, and inventions perfect for the innovative mind. Creators will get together to showcase their innovations to a diverse audience, displaying their ideas to people who might not normally have been exposed to them. The festival is an opportunity for students of all majors to get together in an expression of creative freedom and to create new experiences. The lead organizer, Tim Mounsey, had a lot to say about the festival he created.

“When I was the acting President of Entrepreneurial Student Association, I recognized a disconnect between the students of each of the 17 colleges at Temple. I wanted to help bring students together that didn't normally interact because the key to truly innovative collaboration is the combination of different minds and experience. Temple is the perfect place to advocate for a culture of collaboration; it has given us a platform to celebrate our diversity and our drive.

The What If Innovation Festival is the result of an opportunity: Although different colleges are not capitalizing on the synergies that exist between them, Temple students are diverse, driven, condensed into a concentrated campus and excited to share their passion projects. I created this event to start a conversation among students about working together to re imagine technologies, produce amazing art and music and launch companies from ideas. This event transformed from idea to reality with the support of a diverse team of students and support from the entrepreneurial resources on campus, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute (IEI), Blackstone Launchpad and the Hatchery, and the Temple Career Center, Alumni Association, Independence Blue Cross, Tyler School of Art and College of Engineering.”

This kind of collaboration between schools is important to foster cooperation and creativity in all majors as well as promote a sense of community between students. A festival of inventive minds will inspire you as well as provide you with the resources to get your own inventions off the ground and into action!

The What IF Innovation Festival on Tuesday, April 19th begins a move towards a university in which its students drive the culture of innovation and collaboration between colleges. The Festival has two parts to attend and celebrate at:

1. Tower Takeover (11:00am-3:00pm | Bell Tower):

Tower Takeover is a showcase of the innovative technologies, businesses, music, non-profits and art that Temple students and alumni have created. Student exhibitors will showcase their projects in front of more than 5,000 students who walk through the Bell Tower space. Student attendees can support their fellow students by purchasing products and interacting with the different technologies and arts that students have created. Temple's Entrepreneurial resources (the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute, the engineering labs, Blackstone Launchpad, the Hatchery, etc.) will be also tabling to allow students to become more acquainted with the entrepreneurial resources available to them.

2. Lightning Talks (7:00pm-9:30pm | Mitten Hall):

Lightning Talks are an amazing networking opportunity for students enrolled in any of the 17 colleges at Temple University. Not only will we hear valuable insight from high profile entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs innovating in their respective fields, we’ll have the opportunity network with these professionals, alumni and your fellow students. This event can potentially lead to an internship, a full-time job and/or a mentorship. Sign up to reserve your seat via! This event is FREE and FREE FOOD will be provided.

Tim describes the spirit of the festival perfectly with his finishing statement: “Let's grab hold of that uncommon spirit that refuses to color inside the lines, let's never stop asking "what if?”