Careers in the Arts and SNAAP Data

Tyler Career Support Services

As a Tyler student, you'll find career support services starting as early as your first year.  Career preparation modules are often built into freshman seminars; resume workshops, career networking and career fairs, and internship workshops are all ongoing events that occur each semester  In addition to the resources of the Temple University Career Center, Tyler's Assistant Director for Student Life Kari Scott is a career coach and mentor for Tyler students in all degree programs.  They work one-on-one with students on internship searches, resume and cover letter development and interview skills.  Students can do internships for credit or not; jobs, residencies, internships and other opportunities are posted in the weekly WHAT e-newsletter.

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Careers by Major

Often it's best to see a list of some of the possible career options for particular majors.  The Tyler list is compiled from alumni records.  For a list of careers by major, click here.

Careers and Internships for Students in the Division of Architecture and Environmental Design


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      Planning and Community Development

Careers in the Visual Arts

Careers in the Arts are varied and exciting! Those who study art, by nature, are students of life and of the world. In fact the artistic impulse has fostered some of the most profound thinkers, philosophers, activists and social strategists the world has ever known. Scientists, politicians and corporate CEOs all have creativity and inventiveness in common. Artists share this same vision and resourcefulness. At Tyler, we strive to help students develop the creative skills neccessary to thrive in the ever-changing economic climate. All of our faculty are actively engaged in their field giving them the ability to share their expereinces and prepare students for whatever their next step may be. This is reflected in our outstanding alumni achievements. To learn more about individual alumni achievements, visit our departmental and alumni pages!

If you are invested in the act of creating you are fortunate enough to be living in a moment in time not only inundated, but virtually defined by visual media. Indeed, everything manufactured - from websites to wallpaper and everything in between - has at some point been touched by the hand, mind or eye of a creative person. Consequently, job prospects in the fields of Art, Applied Art, Art History, Art Education, and Architecture are better than they’ve ever been. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: The revolution in electronic communications, multimedia and entertainment has created a growing need for highly skilled artists and designers. The explosion of eMedia and popular culture has created parallel growth and demand for the traditional visual and performing arts disciplines. Employment of visual artists is expected to grow faster than average for all occupations over the next decade. Demand for graphic artists should remain strong as producers of information, goods and services put increasing emphasis on visual appeal in product design, advertising , marketing and entertainment.

Art school teaches one to observe carefully, describe precisely, find solutions to problems though experimen - tation, keep an open mind to all possibilities, and to accept withering critique in the pursuit of the not yet realized.


The Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) is an annual online survey that inves - tigates the educational experiences and career paths of arts graduates nationally. It is designed to enhance the impactof arts school education. The information provides national data on how artists develop in this country and allows for deep - ened understanding of what constitutes artistic success and contribution. In addition, data gath - ered through SNAAP will help identify the factors needed to better connect arts training to artistic careers and allow education institutions, research - ers and arts leaders to look at the systemic factors that heled or hindered the career paths of alumni, whether they have chosen to work as artists or pursue other paths. Looking for more information on National Data (Tyler was included in 2013)? Explore SNAAP Further Here!

Art has no limitations except those imposed by the needs of the maker.

Some Highlights from SNAAP data collected on Tyler Alumni

76% of our alumni participated in paid internships – compared to 54% among other art schools nationally

36% of our alumni had no student debt in order to come to our school – compared to 8% among other art schools nationally

99% would consider Tyler if they could start over (72% nationally) – compared to 72% among other art schools nationally

90% of respondents found research skills to be important to their career – an option rarely offered for art students but prominent at Tyler as part of Temple University

A quote from one of our recent gradautes:

I teach ESOL(English for Speakers of Other Languages) in a public K-8 located in West Philadelphia. I have students who hail from 14 different countries and speak 9 different languages. At first, one might not see a connection between my printmaking and art history degree and my career, however; they are inextricably linked. The cultural awareness I gained from my study abroad experience continues to impact my career, coupled with the diversity of my classroom, it is impossible not to think globally. Daily I rely on the critical thinking skills and creative problem solving, which Tyler instilled in me.


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