Careers and Opportunities

Despite what you may have heard, an art degree can be one of the most useful college degrees you can get today. A Tyler degree teaches you to think both creatively and critically, and understand how to critique effectively, which are skills that employers say are the most important for new employees. But you must look for opportunities, and be prepared to act on them when they appear.

Your Tyler degree will show you many doors to open. The trick is, you have to open them yourself! You cannot sit back and wait for [insert famous museum name here] to call you up and offer you that curator job/design job/gig to design their new wing/solo show. THAT is not going to happen. You need to take charge of your own career!

What you do need to do is create the life that you want by identifying what you want to do so you can find those doors you need to be opening. Most importantly, you need to be networking. You should cultivate relationships with everyone you meet here from your instructors to the random person you met at the crepe truck and struck up a conversation with. All of these people could potentially help to open doors for you. Here are some resources to help you find the doors to open!

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