The Summer Painting Intensive

A view of our painting studios.


The Tyler School of Art and Architecture SPI is a four week summer immersion program run by the Department of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture for artists interested in developing their work in a challenging and supportive environment. The program is a non-credit, post-baccalaureate-style residency suitable for BA and BFA seniors and recent graduates aiming to hone their artistic and intellectual skills, for students building a portfolio for application to graduate school, as well as professional artists seeking to strengthen their abilities and expand their outlook.

The SPI program seeks to give participants a foundation in concept and craft while providing students with the tools to think critically about their own practices and art in general. Week by week, group critiques, individual studio visits and critical studies seminars form the primary support to individual studio practices. The program is led by an artist-director, and the faculty consists of Tyler’s full-time faculty as well as visiting artists and critics, curators and art historians. Students will discuss their work in group settings and in one-on-one conversations with leading members of the contemporary art world. The session will culminate in a group show of student work.

Graduates of the Summer Painting Intensive have gone on to show at prestigious galleries across the U.S. and Internationally as well. Additionally former students of the program have been accepted into many prestigious MFA programs including: Hunter, Yale, RISD, UT Austin, UCLA and of course, Tyler School of Art and Architecture.


-Weekly Studio Visits with the Program's Faculty

-Weekly Visiting Artists

-Weekly Seminars

-Weekly Trips to Artist Studios, Galleries and Museums

-Weekly Critiques

-Professional Practice Workshops- Applying to Graduate School, Writing Grant Proposals, Applying to Artist Residencies, etc..

-A Large Group Exhibit

-TONS of studio time

Some of our program participants from the past two summers.


The faculty of SPI lead seminars and workshops, discussions and group critiques, and regularly meet individually with the students to discuss their work as well as more general practical, theoretical, or historical questions. The program has the participation of Tyler’s full time painting faculty as well as lectures and critiques by a significant roster of visiting artists.


Tyler School of Art and Architecture is home to one of the preeminent painting and sculpture programs in the country. Graduates of the BFA and MFA programs regularly go on to illustrious careers on the international stage. In Spring 2009, Tyler School of Art and Architecture moved from its suburban campus in Elkins Park, PA, to a stunning new 160,000-square-foot building, situated in the heart of Temple University’s historic campus. The $75 million building, designed by Carlos Jimenez, boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and magnificent studio space.

Philadelphia is a thriving city with a vibrant art and music scene. Innovative and historic cultural centers convenient to the new building include the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Fabric Workshop and Museum and the Barnes Foundation.

Philadelphia is located 90 miles south of New York City, 5 hours from Boston, 3 hours from Washington DC.


Scholarships are available and every applicant will be considered for a scholarship. As is mentioned above, the program is non-credit bearing, thus students will not be eligible for most standard type student loans such as Federal Student Loans or those offered by Sallie Mae, etc. Students are encouraged to speak to their home banking institution about personal loans to pay for the program that would be dispersed directly to them so they (the student) can then pay for the progra directly. Additionally, it is recommended that those still enrolled in another undergraduate institution speak to the faculty and administration at their school about possible finacial support for the Summer Intensive.


Housing is not included in the tuition cost of the program.

Students in the summer program who are coming from outside of the Philadelphia area encouraged to live in The Edge Student Village, a fully furnished, month by month apartment complex on the south east corner of Temple's campus. The Edge is a 5 minute walk to the Tyler School of Art and Architecture building and is directly across the street from a super market, pharmacy, coffee shop, movie theatre and various other businesses. The Edge offers studio and one bedroom apartments and includes wifi, an on site gym and laundry facilities. If you have any questions about The Edge or want to reserve an apartment for the summer visit their website here or call: 267.388.1551.

The Edge Student Village

The courtyard of Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University

The Summer Painting Intensive is on hiatus for 2020 and will return in 2021! Please check back later this year for updates. 

Past Visiting Artists and Seminar Leaders:

Zak Prekop, Dana Lok, Matt Bollinger, Will Dibello, Tschbalala Self, Will Dibello, Jacob Feige, Heather Guertin, Monique Mouton, Andy Robert, Jordan Casteel, Fabienne Lassere, Austin Lee, Nathlie Provosty, Chuck Webster, Ezra Tessler, Jennifer Samet, Cameron Crawford, Cameron Martin, Jennifer Packer, Trudy Benson, Loren Munk, Barb Smith, Anne Schaefer, Matthew Fisher, Joshua Marsh, Caitlin MacBride, Ellen Alfest, Joe Bradley, Katherine Bernhardt, Matt Connors, Keltie Ferris, Sarah Braman, Andra Ursuta, Wendy White, James Hyde, Steven Vitiello, Richard Aldrich, Joanna Malinowska, Dasha Shiskin, Tyson Reeder, Lauren Luloff, Carrie Moyer, Daniel Hesidence, Michael Mahalachick, Michael Williams, Terry Adkins, Leeza Meksin, Julian Kreimer, Arnold Kemp, Wendy White, Judith Linhares, Alex Da Corte, Sheila Pepe, James Sienna, Joanne Greenbaum, Joe Amrhein, Philip Glahn, Saul Anton, Katherine Carl, Martha Schwendender, Triple Canopy, Cecilia Doughtery, James Hyde, Risa Puleo, Gregory Volk and Saul Ostrow, The Nichola Midnight St. Claire, David Dempewolf, Humberto Moro and Polly Apfelbaum

The SPI group exhibit from 2017.