Leah Modigliani Solo Exhibition April 27, 1972, University of Pennsylvania, opens at Vox Populi May 1 - 31

Dr. Leah Modigliani, Assistant Professor and Program Director of Visual Studies will be presenting a new sculptural installation at Vox Populi this May titled April 27, 1972, University of Pennsylvania. Over the last year she has been producing a series of sculptures inspired by three-dimensional objects found in press photographs of public protests taken in Europe and North America over the course of the twentieth-century. Objects like costumes, props, or barricades made by people who did not necessarily consider themselves artists once worked to visually designate a space of free speech. These lost spatial markers find new life in Modigliani’s art, recreated as freestanding sculptures that have been made and built from contemporary materials to varying scales. The installation at Vox Populi rebuilds and re-imagines one of the entrance barricades erected by students, who, angered by army recruitment on campus during the Vietnam War, occupied College Hall overnight at the University of Pennsylvania on April 27, 1972. Such a material visualization of the space of past protest movements in the present is always threatened to become fetishized as a consumable commodity, posing questions about the value and political efficacy of artistic and intellectual labor in the twenty-first century.   


The show runs May 1-31 at Vox Populi, with an opening reception from  6-10pm Friday May 1st.