Faculty Resources

This page provides links to important policies, procedures, forms and information. Additional information will be sent via listserv periodically. For suggestions on additions/revisions to this page please contact tylercs@temple.edu.

Advising Alert

Difficiancy notices and Risk of Failure forms have been rolled into an online alert system. This system allows you to notify students who have been missing class, not completing assignments, etc. in real time. It also can be accessed by advising and the Area Heads and Department Chairs for additional outreach and support. Please make sure to forward the confirmation email you get after completing the form to the student. Any additional questions or concerns can be directed to David Logan, Director of Academic Advising

Academic Forms and Policies

Adjunct Faculty Resources

Anti-Oppression and Inclusivity Readings and Resources

We have made available guides from our Diversity Day training as well as readings that may help you to develop anti-oppression pedagogy for your courses. If you have any additions you'd like to suggest, please email david.logan@temple.edu

   On Pronouns: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/26/opinion/pronoun-privilege.html?smid=fb-share\

   Other readings:









   Teaching students with special needs:  https://www.teachervision.com/teaching-strategies/special-needs


 Teaching Tolerance

   Resources for Hiring a Diverse Faculty

Art School Safety Guide

Information for all Personnel - includes equipment, training and explanation of responsibilities

Building Access Information

All registered students should have swipe card access. If you plan to enter the building between 10:30PM and 6:30 AM or during a break it is a good idea to swipe your card a few days beforehand to verify that you have this access.  Department Chairs need to complete a Tyler Access Request form to grant 24/7 access for faculty or staff.  The Tyler Access Request form can be found in the Forms Channel in the TU Portal. The form must be emailed to ddollars@temple.edu.

Calendars and Start-Up Information

Course and Program Proposals and Guidelines

Faculty Policies 

Supporting Student Research

Faculty can help steer students towards a variety of grant and scholarship opportunities.  The weekly Tyler WHAT e-newsletter lists job postings, grants, residencies, calls for exhibition and other opportunities.  We also provide students with a website outlining the resources for grants and scholarships.  The Vice Provost's office also offers a number of undergraduate research information.

For more information, please view the Scholarships and Grants page and the Careers & Opportunities page.

Student Issues

For behaviors that are of concern, either because they are out of character or persistent even after being addressed, it's important to act sooner rather than later.  The links below are to the resources to help students, but please contact David Logan at david.logan@temple.edu or 215-777-9122 if you have any concerns.

Travel and Expense Reimbursement

Tyler Faculty Merit Guidelines

Tyler Safety and Emergency Preparedness

GAF Funds

GAF funds are to be used for student enrichment. All GAF-funded events must be open to all students at Temple University. They should be applied for at least 2 weeks in advance so they can be included on the Temple Calendar. Department Chairs are responsible for the budgets for each program. Paperwork will need to be completed by the individual arranging the event, and submitted to Kari Scott in Tyler room 210-N

To apply for regular departmental GAF funds, fill out this form: http://bit.ly/TylerGAF-Dept

Additionally, there is a fund for Interdisciplinary Events that leverage the resources in other units at Temple University.  Applications for these funds are reviewed periodically by a committee consisting of students from the university and the Tyler Exhibitions Committee. For questions about this fund, contact either Rob Blackson or Kari Scott.

To apply for Interdisciplinary fund, fill out this form: http://bit.ly/TylerGAF-Interdisc