Amira Brahimi

Amira Brahimi   

Wilmington, DE

Tyler degree program
Accelerated BS in Architecture + MArch Program Option (4+1 Track)

Why Tyler?
I chose Tyler particularly for its diversity, creativity and student body, as well as it’s location embedded in the city. Specifically studying architecture, Tyler—being in an urban setting [on Temple University’s Main Campus in Philadelphia]—allows me to find reference and inspiration in my everyday surroundings.  

Why did you choose Architecture and the 4+1 Track?
I want to become a licensed architect, which requires an accredited degree. The 4+1 track offers a way to obtain your Masters in an additional year, and continue working with the faculty, which have been incredibly valuable. The program is a challenge but ultimately worth it. And, frankly, it’s cost effective! 

The Architecture Career Fair
Tyler Architecture hosts an annual Career Fair, with over 40 firms offering positions. After my first career fair, I had six job opportunities and ultimately chose the architecture, engineering, planning and interior design firm, NORR. The experience of the career fair capitalizes on your ability to pitch yourself, find what you value in an office and gauge compatibility in a short period of time. What was very special to me was, the following year, I was on the other side of the table at the career fair, talking about job opportunities at NORR with my fellow peers.

Study Abroad Experience
While studying abroad, I had the opportunity to intern with an Italian firm and obtain class credits. Living in Rome, and subsequently traveling throughout Europe and Asia, only strengthened my connection with architecture and the built environment.

The conference I was a part of
Temple’s American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) chapter hosted the annual AIAS Quad conference [in 2019], which brings architecture students from the Northeast together. A team of eight of us organized the four-day event. My responsibilities included planning student activities, such as walking tours, destinations, excursions around the city, even the Beaux Arts Ball at Cherry St. Pier, which capped the conference. 
Taking classes online 
[Editorial Note: In March 2020, like colleges and universities around the United States, the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University transitioned to online classes for the remainder of the semester, as a preventative measure against the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.]

The faculty maintained engagement and provided a learning atmosphere that responded to the unprecedented times. By the end of the semester, we were all incredibly impressed and proud of ourselves. I was surprised that we could practice design from home in what still felt like a collaborative environment. 

Why I like Philadelphia
What I love the most about Philly is the big city/small town feel. Don’t get me started on the food! We have some of the best restaurants here. It’s also affordable for a college student’s budget, more so than most other cities. 

What do you plan to do after graduating?
I plan to continue working at NORR. I hope to gain experience there for a few years as I earn my license to practice and pass my exams. I want to explore other cities, like Chicago or London, where my firm has offices, and travel for a bit. Then I hope to come back to Philly and make a difference in the urban fabric here. 

Images courtesy of Amira Brahimi