Landscape Architecture

Patrick Rieker, '24

When was the first time you realized you were interested in your program?

"I came to Temple University as a Journalism student, not really knowing what I wanted to do. As my first semester went on and I began exploring the city, I realized how much I loved the city and urban design. While sifting through Temple’s bulletin trying to find a major that matched this newfound interest, I found Landscape Architecture, which paired this interest perfectly with my love of nature, plants, and sustainability."

What’s a typical day like in your studio?

"A typical day in the studio varies depending on where we are in the design process. Generally, though, the professor will spend the beginning of class with directions on the assignment, or bringing in real-world examples of what we are working on. The rest of class is then typically left to work on our projects surrounded by our peers and get individual feedback from the professor." 

What have you learned about yourself through your practice?

"Growing up I was always the math-science student, but while in Landscape Architecture studios, I have learned how creative I can be and am continually challenged to test that skill and push it further." 

What was your initial opinion of Tyler, and how has that changed since being here?

"Coming to Temple not looking at Tyler at all, I didn’t initially have much of an opinion on the school. Since being here though, I have learned how renowned they are and have experienced why they are, first hand. The tight nit community, paired with established and impressive faculty makes Tyler really feel like my new home."

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman in your program or an undecided major?

"I would tell an incoming freshman new to Landscape Architecture to be confident in everything you do. My professors have told me time and time again that this is the key to success and it is true. If you do what you do with confidence, you can be given the most and best feedback so you can learn and drive to be even better the next time around. Don’t be scared to fail and just try something new."

Patrick Rieker, '24, (he/him) is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture.