Why did Temple Gallery change to Temple Contemporary?

To more accurately reflect the multiple uses of a contemporary art institution many public art centers are shying away from the use of the word “gallery” in their title.  The connotation of the word gallery has long been associated with the limited public participation provided by an exhibition’s “closed circuit of meaning.”  As publicly funded art centers continue to address this problem, some have decided to change their name in an effort to reflect their commitment to the needs of larger and more diverse audiences.  By dropping the word gallery these same institutions are also addressing global developments in contemporary art practice.   These developments favor a dynamic relationship with audiences that predicate social interaction above the static form and arbitrary duration of an exhibition.   It is based in this interest to change expectations and diversify our audiences that the Tyler School of Art has changed the name of Temple Gallery to Temple Contemporary.


I thought Tyler School of Art and Temple Gallery were located in Elkins Park and Old City. Did you move?


Can I submit my portfolio to be reviewed by Temple Contemporary's Director for upcoming exhibitions?


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