General Resources for New Artists

Center For Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA)

CFEVA dedicates itself to making art careers viable for those who choose them, helping emerging artists reach their audiences, and promoting interest and understanding of emerging visual art among citizens of the community. They offer classes, lectures, and workshops geared to young artists, and have an annual Emerging Artist Fellowship (deadline in the fall) that helps to jumpstart your art career through exhibition opportunities, mentorships, professional development workshops and career counseling.


InLiquid, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit membership organization, shows an extensive online collection of work by local, national, and international artists to the public while serving as a comprehensive hub for visual arts information and resources. They are dedicated to providing opportunities and exposure for visual artists and designers, serving as a free public hub for arts information and resources, and making the visual arts more accessible to a broader audience. InLiquid also nurtures our creative community through a continuing series of non-virtual art exhibitions and events.

Artists U

Artists U is a grassroots, artist-run platform for changing the working conditions of artists. Make art. Don’t starve. We want to change the conversations artists have in our heads, with each other, and with the world. We are skills-based, not need-based: we work to empower artists to create their lives and their art. We don’t give advice. We don’t do things for you. Everything we do is artist-to-artist and free for all participants. We started in Philadelphia and now we work in Baltimore and South Carolina too (and sometimes in other places). Check out their free book and workbook online!

The Leeway Foundation

The Leeway Foundation is a Philadelphia-based organization committed to art making as an integral part of social change, to movement building, and anti-oppression work where Leeway is accountable, accessible, part of and governed by, the communities Leeway’s programs support.  Leeway is guided by the values of fearlessness in action, speech, and self-examination and commits to breaking down boundaries and barriers with creativity, respect, and openness to the process.  They offer grants for women and transgendered artists who see to create social change through their art, as well as offer other services to women and transgendered artists.

Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation

The Bartol Foundation supports individual artists, our cultural workers, through programs that strengthen their creative work so they can better contribute to community life. The Foundation invests in the professional development of teaching artists as part of its mission to enhance and expand high quality arts education programs. Most programs are free or very low cost.  They have an email list–you’ll want to get on that so you get first dibs for their free workshops, which fill up fast.

Vision Driven Artists

Vision Driven Consulting (VDC) supports the visionary work of artists, community groups, and not-for-profit organizations through consulting, facilitation, and training.  Through their Vision Driven Artists initiative, they offer free and/or low-cost capacity-building workshops for self-producing artists/musicians, arts organization staff, and event curators in all disciplines. Attendees learn new skills, gain new resources, and meet and connect with other local artists.


Cultureworks is a management commons for arts, heritage, and creative communities. From startups to established organizations, they offer equitable access to the resources cultural practices need to flourish. We believe in the dreams of others and invest in the success of your vision by offering resources to support your work. We listen carefully, plan, judge not, and nurture the inevitable potential in you. We do this through providing three resource “tracks”, each providing added support for your creative journey. With over 200 members, and 80+ projects in Track 2 under our shared nonprofit umbrella with budgets ranging from under $5 to over $500k, we believe that everyone should have unfettered access to the support they need to live a creative life.

Philadelphia/Tri State Artists Equity

Historically, Artists Equity championed improved economic and working conditions for artists, as well as the protection and expansion of artists’ rights. Their current advocacy projects include efforts to establish fair guidelines for juried exhibitions and to require clear documentation for original prints and reproductions. Artists Equity benefits individual artists and the community in many other ways. They sponsor at least two exhibition opportunities each year. Other services include newsletters, and informative programs with topics that range from copyright law to good framing and conservation techniques to marketing. Networking opportunities and critiques are additional benefits to artists who often work in solitude.


GYST-Ink is an artist-run company providing resources, technology and solutions created by artists for artists. Our mission is to support arts professionals, educational institutions, and arts organizations with an integrated program of software, services and information in order to keep artists working. GYST–Ink is dedicated to empowering and educating artists so that they can develop sustainable and successful careers on their own terms.

New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)

The New York Foundation for the Arts’ mission is to empower artists at critical stages in their creative lives. While primarily geared to artists working in New York, they offer a wealth of services for all artists regardless of geographic location. They have job listings, exhibition calls, studio listings (primarily NYC area), as well as educational materials about the business of being an artist. They have a free email list for their newsletter.


CERF+, The Artists' Safety Net, started serving the craft community as a grassroots mutual aid effort in 1985 and has since emerged as the leading nonprofit organization that uniquely focuses on safeguarding artists’ livelihoods nationwide. CERF+ serves artists who work in craft disciplines by providing a safety net to support strong and sustainable careers. Our core services are education programs, advocacy, network building and emergency relief.

Artist Trust

Primarily for Washington State artists, Artist Trust is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting artists working in all creative disciplines. They were founded in 1987 by a group of arts patrons and artists who were concerned about the lack of support for individual artists. They have a particularly good listing of opportunities in their resources listings. provides complete art services, art appraisals, art price data, news, articles, and market research and information to art collectors, artists, and fine arts professionals. They have a really interesting list of articles on all sorts of issues that affect emerging artists–follow the link to see what you can learn about the business of being an artist.

Professional Organizations

Joining a professional organization is a great way to network and keep up with current trends.  There are many different kinds, both local and national, and all offer different services.  Some offer the ability to get group rates on insurance (business, personal liability and medical), and some have annual meetings or conventions where you can present papers (to increase your visibility in your profession), teach workshops, take workshops, show your work, and generally keep up with what's happening in the world of ______.  Here are just a few to get you started; many offer student memberships at discounted rates.