How Do I ...?

...Customize my TUMail address?

Download this handy guide (pdf) to customizing your TUMail account.

...Know what's happening at Tyler?

The most important thing you can do is read the WHAT.  Every Monday.  Without fail.  We know it's long--there's a lot of information.  If nothing else, read the bold parts.

...Know what classes I should take next semester?

Run a DARS audit.  You should run one each semester before registering.  Log onto the Portal then choose Self-Service-Banner from the MyPortal tab, then Student -> Student Records -> Run a DARS audit.  Once your report is generated, it should show the requirements you've fulfilled in green and the ones you still have to take in red.  If you think there's an error on your DARS audit, contact the Advising office for assistance. 

...Let someone in my family have access to my school records?

As a college student, your academic records (grades, courses taken, major, etc) are private, and we cannot divulge them to anyone without a court order or your permission.  To give someone permission, you must fill out a FERPA waiver.  It's quick and easy; just log onto the Portal then choose Self-Service-Banner from the MyPortal tab, then Student -> FERPA Contacts.  Put whomever you want on the list--just your mom, or everyone in your family!  You can take someone off the list at anytime by checking the Remove Contact box on the person's information page.

...Display my sculpture (or...?) in the green hallway/lobby/cafe/front lawn?

This page tells you everything you need to know.

...Reserve a gallery space for my BFA Senior Show?

Lotteries for gallery space in the Stella Elkins Tyler (SET) Galleries or Student Lounge Gallery (downstairs atrium adjacent to the SET Galleries) are held twice per year.  You must be a senior to participate, but you do not need to wait till your last semester to show (BFA with Teaching Certificate students are encourages to complete their show the semester before student teaching).  The lottery for the Fall semester is held in early September--usually the first week.  The lottery for the Spring semester is held in November.  Watch for information on the Tyler calendar, the WHAT and flyers around the school.  More information is here.

...Obtain an official transcript for Grad school applications or an employer?

You order transcripts from a contracted service online.  All the information you need is on the Office of the Registrar's website.

...Stay safe on campus and around Temple?

Temple is an urban campus, so things may be a bit different here than at home. First off, and most important, don't walk around while you're texting to friends. If you're walking around and not paying attention, you are liable to walk in front of a car, a bike, or have someone grab your phone. Pay attention to your surroundings! Second, make sure you sign up for the TUAlert to get notifications about problems on or around campus.

Here are some more tips for staying safe:

  • Read all of Campus Safety's Safety Tip Guides
  • Use the Walking Escort Service if you are walking on or around campus after dark. A bike security guard will walk with you from dark to 6 am. Call 215-777-WALK (9255) or 8-WALK from a campus phone.
  • Use the TUr Door Service or OwlLoop to get home if you're leaving Tyler at night.
  • If you're biking, wear a helmet. It doesn't make you look stupid; it make you look alive.

...Find a work-study job on or near campus?

Unfortunately, receiving a work-study award in your financial aid package is not a guarantee that you will be able to find a work-study job.  Just like in the real world, work-study jobs are extremely competitive.  You will have to be pro-active and doggedly determined to find a job.

There are 2 places to look for work-study jobs.  On campus jobs are listed on the Temple Student Jobs Website.  Note that there are probably over a hundred applicants for each job listed on the website, so often applying for jobs there does not mean that you will even be contacted.  Your best bet is to ferret out contacts--ask your friends for recommendations--that's the best way to find a job!  Look for listings in the weekly WHAT newsletter.  Look for posters around both the Tyler and Architecture building--several departments hire studio monitors at the beginning of the semester (especially fall semester), and will usually post that around the building.  Ask in departments if they're hiring.  If you email the contacts listed, do not just email saying that you want a job--everyone wants a job.  But why should they hire YOU?  If you want to get a job, you have to sell yourself!  Tell the person WHY you want that job (hint: having a work-study award is not a reason to want a job) and WHY you'd be AWESOME if they hired you.  This is what anyone has to do--you are essentially writing a cover letter, and you need to SELL YOURSELF.

Another place to find work-study jobs is off-campus.  Nonprofit organizations can hire work-study students to work in their organizations, and oftentimes a work-study job at a nonprofit can actually be more like a paid internship, offering you connections and important experience to help you find a job after college.  Student Financial Services maintains a list of openings at local nonprofits, and many are close enough to campus that you can walk there, so do apply for these positions.

Once you land a job, make yourself indispensable so you can keep it!  Be proactive--ask what ELSE you can do on the job.  Be punctual.  Be polite.  And if you have a conflict--a class field trip, a special class assignment, etc, communicate with your supervisor as early as you know about the conflict and offer to make up time if appropriate.  If you are a monitor and something comes up, find out what the procedures in your department are--usually, that means finding another monitor to cover your shift for you (and, if another monitor needs you to cover for them, remember that what goes around comes around!). In any case, NEVER just don't show up.  If you can't make it, remember to let your supervisor know as soon as you know so you don't leave them in the lurch. Many work-study jobs allow you to do some studying/homework during down times.  Always remember that your FIRST priority when getting paid is to do what you are asked to do, so if you are "down" and working on your own work, and you are asked to do something, make sure you do what you are asked, and THEN when you are finished with the task, you can go back to your schoolwork. All of this should be standard operating procedure for any job, but many students forget.  If this is your first job, this is going to be the important reference you need to get the next job, so make sure your supervisor can give you a good reference. Remember, also, that the people you work for at the University are connected to people outside, so this is your first networking opportunity, and making yourself indispensable in your work-study job will help you make connections to find an awesome internship or that first job after college.

...Find an on-campus job (if I don't have work-study)?

If you don't have work-study and want an on-campus job, you will have to work a bit harder to find one. Temple has an online database of jobs at Temple. While you must have (and have accepted) a Federal work-study award for many of them, there are occasionally jobs that have funding and don't require work-study. Read the descriptions carefully and don't apply for jobs that say you must have work-study if you don't have an award (because they can't hire you).  Most of the food service/on campus retail establishments (like 7-11 and/or the Temple Bookstore) are not eligible to hire work-study students, so if you don't have a work-study award, those are good places to start. If you do a good job, and are on-time and reliable, you will be able to keep most jobs while you are a student.

If you are an international student, make sure you follow the rules for your particular visa.  Details about that are on the International Student and Scholars Services website here:

...Access my studio during breaks?

If you are a student who normally has weekend access to your studio, you are permitted to use the studio during breaks as long as you are on the card access list.  This will allow you to swipe into the front doors during holiday periods.  The swipe is attached to the auto door opener (handicapped access) outside the left-hand front door.  Persons entering facilities in this manner are requested to call the Department of Campus Safety Services at 1-1234 to inform them of their presence in the buildings. Please note that you must have a buddy with you who has been trained to work any equipment you are using--do not work in the studio by yourself.  Also remember that the shuttles/TUrDoor services do not run during breaks so it is not advisable to come in or leave late at night. Individual studios may have their own break access policy, so check with your department head to see if you are permitted to work in yoru particular studio during breaks.  To make sure you are on your department's swipe access list, read the information and fill out the form here: Studio Access Form.

...Join a Student Group?

Visit Temple OwlConnect to search for a group to join.  Or ask your friends.  If you don't see one you like and want to try to start your own, contact Kari Scott in Tyler Student Life for help navigating the process.  If you don't have a faculty advisor, she can serve as your advisor!

...Know when finals begin this semester?

That information will be on the Academic Calendar maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

...Know if it's safe to bring a bike to campus?

Yes, many students bring their bikes--you'll know from the bike racks at the front of Tyler!  Campus safety and the Office of Sustainability both have bike safety programs.  There's also an organization called Bike Temple that has events to promote bike safety and security.  Check them out!

New! Temple is part of Philadelphia's new bike share program, Indego. There are two bike stations on campus; one at 13th & Montgomery (by Tuttleman Learning Center) and on at Berks & Hancock, but the Temple-SEPTA train station. There are a couple of different plans, depending on how much you use the bikes. Get more information about this program by visiting the website. And don't forget you will need your own helmet.

..Get a discounted train pass to commute to Temple?

SEPTA, Philadelphia's regional transportation system, offers semester passes to college students.  The passes really make sense for students who commute to Temple every day.  The supply is limited and it's first-come/first-served, so get your pass early. You must buy a pass for the whole semester.  More information is available from the Office of Sustainability, but the passes are sold by the Bursar's Office.

...Participate in Commencement/Graduation?

Temple and Tyler both have ceremonies in May only.  Graduates in December/January attend the next May's ceremony, and graduates in August can petition to walk the May before their final summer classes.  Seniors should start planning for graduation during their first senior semester (ie, if you're graduating in May, begin planning in September).  Visit your advisor before you register for your last semester and make sure all your class requirement will be filled.  You will apply to graduate at the beginning of your LAST semester here. The best thing you can do is to READ all your Temple emails--there are many deadlines and you don't want to miss any.  Tyler has a graduation information page--it will usually have the information for the previous year's ceremony (for an idea of how it goes) until details for the current May ceremony are finalized (usually in Febrauary).  Questions not answered on the website may be directed to Kari Scott.

...Take a summer class nearer to my home?

You can petition to take a class at your local community college over the summer.  You will need to fill out this form.  It is recommended that you speak with an advisor who can help you through the process.

...Change my major?

If you've found that the major you started with is just not for you, you are not alone. It's estimated that almost 50% of college students change their major at least once. The first place you should turn is the Temple Undergraduate Bulletin, to see what majors are available, and what courses you need to take for your new majors. Then speak with your advisor, who let you know what classes you've taken will work with your new major, and will help you fill out the form


...Deal with a sudden financial emergency?

There is no shame in asking for help if you've had a sudden financial emergency. Sometimes something happens to someone in your family that changes the support your family can give you. Sometimes, the changes you make in your personal life cause a (hopefully temporary) fallout with your family. Sometimes, you just don't realize that you've overspent your availble funds, and you find yourself temporarily available to pay your rent or buy food. There is help! Click here for a list of resources and places to turn for help.

...Find an inexpensive computer?

Temple's Computer Recycling Center offers refurbished used computers at an extremely reasonable price.  While these are not the newest computers, they are adequate for most students for doing Internet research, emailing and writing papers for class.  Microsoft-compatible computer systems, including Windows, can be purchased for as low as $100.  And with Temple's new MS Office program, Temple students will be able to download the MS Office Suite for free.  While these computers may not be able to run the latest Adobe Suite Software, we reccomend that you save money by waiting to purchase that software and use the computers in the Tech Center (which all have this software installed) until you are sure of what equipment you will need for your upper classes/career after college to purchase expenisve laptop computers with the latest software.  You may find that what you think you need is not what you really need once you get into your major.  By the time you are a senior, when you really need the computing power, most of the hardware and software you buy as a freshman will be out-of-date!

...Have a sale in the Tyler lobby?

Official Temple University Student Groups may have sales (bake sales, sandwich/soup sales, handmade product sales) in the Tyler lobby in order to raise funds for their groups. Generally, you must be registered with the Student Activities office.  No individual sales are allowed.  Only one sale per day is allowed in the lobby. Some exceptions for different types of sales, (i.e., ceramics sale and bake sale) may be granted depending on space needed.  You must be pre-scheduled for each day of your sale.  To schedule a sale, first visit the Tyler Lobby Calendar to see what days are available, and then email Student Life with the days and times you'd like to schedule, and include your group's name and contact email address if different from the person scheduling the space.  You will receive one table on the day of the sale; if  you need more than one table, or you need a special set up (ie, near a power source), please include that information in your email. Space is assigned on a first-come/first-served basis, so schedule as early in the semester as you are able to plan your groups' activities.  Reservations are subject to be changed if an important event comes up; if that is necessary, we will work with you to find another date or place for your sale.  Please note that Student Life sponsors a reception with free coffee and cookies by the downstairs gallery almost every Wednesday at 11 am, which will be in direct competition with any bake sales.  Please plan accordingly.

...Find Student Life?

It's a hard office to find!  I'm in the Exhbitions Office Suite, which is in the back of Temple Contemporary.  To visit my office when the gallery is open, you just need to walk all the way to the back of the gallery and through the door on the right.  Walk to the other side of the conference room, and I'm the office all the way back on the right (110F).  If the gallery is closed/locked, you have to call me on the phone that's on the wall between the gallery doors and the Admissions Office.  My extension is on the sign (but it's 8-9141 if you remember that).  If I'm in the office, I can come out and let you in.  If you pop back and there's a meeting in the conference room, but you need to see me, just walk quickly and quietly past the conference room and find my office. Note that the door between the back of the Admissions Office and the Exhbitions office can only be opened from the Exhibitions side, so you usually can't get into my office that way. If the door is close and my lights are mostly off, I might still be there (especially if the desk light is on). There's an automatic light switch that only goes on if you walk through the door, so when I'm working at my desk the light goes out a lot.  Knock--usually the door is not all the way closed!

Have a question not answered here?

Email Kari Scott.  She'll find out the answer, email it to you, and post it here!

There are also FAQs for parents!