Degrees Offered

BA in Art with Digital Media Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Digital Media concentration at the Temple Japan campus is a fine-art oriented course of study focusing on the use of the computer as a creative tool. This concentration helps students develop their artistic vision using new technology to focus on personal expression; it is not graphic design. Students in this concentration pursue a variety of projects designed to help them explore the boundaries between technology and studio art processes.

In addition to the major and college requirements, students must complete a set of university requirements: General Education (Gen Ed).

Students must complete at least 15 semester hours in upper-level Liberal Arts courses.

The Bachelor of Arts degree for all concentrations may be conferred upon a student by recommendation of the faculty and upon the satisfactory completion of a minimum of 123 semester hours of credit with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.

While a portfolio is not required for admission into the BA in Art degree program, if you have completed college-level studio courses and are seeking studio equivalency credit, you must complete a transfer portfolio review. The department will only accept up to 24 transfer credits of studio work toward the major. The transfer portfolio consists of seven to ten images of work for each studio art course you have completed along with a list of the size of the medium and the title of the course.

Minor in Art

Temple University students have the option of exploring the the visual arts by choosing to take a minor in Art.

While the studio courses within the minor are generally found listed under the Art department, students may also take courses open to all Temple students from the Crafts, Graphic Arts and Design, and Painting/Drawing/Sculpture departments to help fulfill elective credits.  Tyler also offers an Art History minor - to check out the Art History page for more information click here.

Tyler typically offers these courses on the Main campus
for students wishing to take studio coursework:

(Art minor available to all students - additional Art courses could be added in any given semester)

ARTU     1101      Intro to Vis Lang, Paint - 3 credits

ARTU     1201      Intro/Vis Lang 3-D Design - 3 credits

ARTU     1401      Intro to Vis Lang, Draw - 3 credits

ARTU     1501      Intro to Vis Lang-Design - 3 credits

ARTU     2001      Philadelphia Sketchbook - 3 credits

ARTU     2102      Intermediate Painting - 3 credits

ARTU     2121      Intro-Landscape Painting - 3 credits

ARTU     2301      Relief Printmaking - 3 credits

ARTU     2302      Intmed Printmaking/Relief - 3 credits

ARTU     2311      Lithography - 3 credits

ARTU     2312      Intmed Printmaking/Litho - 3 credits

ARTU     2331      Intaglio Printmaking - 3 credits

ARTU     2402      Intermediate Drawing - 3 credits

ARTU     2601      Computer Imaging - 3 credits

ARTU     2801      Art Photo/Darkroom - 3 credits

ARTU     2811      Art Photo/Digital - 3 credits

ARTU     2812      Intmd Art Photo/Digital - 3 credits

ARTU     2831      Art Photo/On-Line - 3 credits

ARTU     4148      Painting Workshop - 3 credits

ARTU     4248      3-D Workshop - 3 credits

Art Education
(certificate in Community Arts available to all Temple students)

ARTE     3011 / 3911 (Honors)     Intro Seminar in Community Arts - 3 credits (this is an outstanding studio experience!)

ARTE     3089 / 3989 (Honors)     Research and Project Planning Seminar in Community Arts  - 3 credits

ARTE     4012     Community Arts - 3 credits

ARTE     4089     Evaluation and Documentation in Community Arts- 3 credits

Crafts Department

CRFT     2259     Beginning Ceramics for non-majors - 3 credits  

CRFT     2259     Intro to Glass for non-majors - 3 credits  

CRFT     2304     Intro to Fibers for non-majors - 3 credits

CRFT     2452     Jewelry for non-Tyler BFA - 3 credits

Graphic Arts & Design Department

GAD     2073     Intro to Web - 3 credits 

GAD     2075     Intro to Visual Communication - 3 credits  

GAD     2078     Art of Infographics - 3 credits

GAD     2401     Intro to Photography (Online) - 3 credits

Painting/Drawing/Sculpture Department
(these courses are available on the Rome campus; some PDS courses are open to Temple students in the summer sessions) 

PDS     2211     Painting on Paper for non-BFAs

PDS     3351     Rome Sketchbook

6 credits from Crafts, PDS or GAD departmental courses may count towards the studio elective component of the minor.  The department will accept a maximum of 9 s.h. of transfer studio credits towards the minor. A portfolio of work must be submitted for review by department faculty via SlideRoom. For more information please contact the Tyler Admissions office at or 215-777-9090.

Temple Main campus students should contact the Tyler Admissions Office for information regarding portfolio review at or 215-777-9090.

The Main Campus Faculty Advisor for the Art Minor is Professor Kim Strommen -

TUJ students should contact the Art Department Chairperson Shinya Watanabe at


Art Minor Requirements

ARTU     1501     Introduction to Visual Language, Design - 3 Credits

ARTU     1401     Introduction to Visual Language, Drawing - 3 Credits

ARTU     1101     Introduction to Visual Language, Painting - 3 Credits

Select one of the following (3 credits):

ARTH     1155 / 1955 (Honors)     Art Heritage of the Western World I 

ARTH     1156 / 1956 (Honors)     Art Heritage of the Western World II

Select one of the following (3 credits):

ARTU     2301     Relief Printmaking

ARTU     2311     Lithography

ARTU     2601     Computer Imaging

ARTU     2801     Art Photography: Darkroom

ARTU     2811     Art Photography: Digital

Two additional Studio Electives (6 credits):

May be from Art, Crafts, GAD, or PDS courses open to the Temple community