Re-Enrollment Policy

Re-Enrollment Policy

All students who have attended Tyler School of Art of Temple University and wish to be considered for readmission (re-enrollment) to Tyler must fill out the request to re-enroll form available at Temple University's Office of the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies. Students should contact the Tyler Admissions Office for more information at 215-777-9090.

For those students who have left Tyler in academic good standing and apply for re-enrollment into a semester within three years of the last completed semester, no portfolio review or interview is required. A portfolio uploaded to is required for those BFA (see additional information for BFA in Graphic & Interactive Design majors below), BA in Art, BA in Visual Studies, or BSED in Art Education students who have not attended Tyler for more than three years from the semester in which they intend to apply for re-enrollment.  SlideRoom charges a fee for this service. Please note: We are no longer accepting students for re-enrollment into the BA in Art on the Main campus; the BA in Art will only be available at the Japan campus. Students previously enrolled in that program may seek admission into the BA in Visual Studies. Students who seek re-enrollment will be considered for matriculation into the current catalog year.

Students who are dismissed from Tyler or who left on academic probation must review the academic standing policy located in the Academic Policies section of this Bulletin.

A portfolio uploaded to is also required of all BFA, BA in Art, BA in Visual Studies, or BSED in Art Education students who were dismissed or who left Tyler on academic probation. It must include twenty (20) images of your studio work, ten (10) completed at Tyler, and ten (10) after leaving Tyler that demonstrate studio progress.

Any student who attends another college or university and has taken studio art credits must submit a portfolio uploaded to to represent completed studio coursework in order to have those credits considered for transfer credit into the Tyler BFA, BA in Visual Studies, or BSED in Art Education programs or one of the Architecture programs. Academic credits will be accepted into the Tyler degree programs as determined by Temple University policy for the semester in which the student is applying for readmission.

The final decision regarding readmission will depend both on the recommendation of the transfer committee as well as the review of academic credentials by the Tyler Admissions Office. Please note well: Any student applying for readmission must be aware that Tyler may not accept studio credits that are more than 10 years old into any Tyler curriculum from transfer or readmission applicants regardless of where those credits were completed. 

Graphic & Interactive Design (GAID)

Re-enrollment Policy

Leave of Absence Policy: Graphic & Interactive Design (GAID) students can apply to take a Leave of Absence (LOA) from Temple University/Tyler School of Art for up to 2 consecutive semesters.  At the end of the LOA, a GAID major can return to school and resume their progress through the design program.

• Although every effort will be made to get GAID majors into courses they need when they return to Temple/Tyler, seats in required Graphic & Interactive Design courses cannot be guaranteed to students who return after a LOA or an extended period when they are not enrolled at Temple/Tyler. Returning students will not be added to sections that have filled which may mean additional time at Tyler will be required in order to complete the BFA in Graphic & Interactive Design.

• GAID majors who remain out of school longer than 2 consecutive semesters are required to reenroll in the school and the program. The re-enrollment process includes a portfolio requirement to determine if the student will be readmitted to the GAID major.  Re-enrollment into the GAID major is not guaranteed.

Portfolio Review:

• Students re-applying to the GAID program must show a portfolio consisting of the work they originally submitted to get into the major through the Sophomore Portfolio Review as well as work from any additional GAID classes they took.Students who were admitted into the major prior to the implementation of the GAID portfolio review in fall 2014 will need to submit a portfolio of work representing work completed in GAD 2001 and 2021.  Students who are out of school for more than 3 years also need to include 10 design pieces that they produced during the time they were not enrolled at Temple/Tyler.

• Students who are not reenrolled on the basis of the portfolio  have the option to re-take the prerequisites for the major (GAD 2001 and GAD 2021) to develop a new portfolio for submission to the Sophomore Portfolio Review. These students will be reviewed as second-time applicants to the GAID program. Students  who have completed sophomore prerequisites for other majors may also consider reenrollment into those majors (after discussion with an academic advisor) or seek reenrollment into the University into a different Tyler or Temple program.