Undergraduate Curriculum

The Tyler School of Art and Architecture provides a comprehensive curriculum in fine arts, crafts, design, art education, art therapy, art history, and the built environment. The undergraduate programs are designed to develop critical thinking through a curriculum that emphasizes theory, intensive studio practice, comprehensive research and individual attention complemented by a rich and diverse liberal arts education.

Tyler students share a commitment to the active pursuit of a creative life. Faculty members are all working professionals who demonstrate the many roles available to their students on a daily basis. Tyler instructors don’t have to teach, they love to teach, with a focus on helping their students develop their own unique voices. They guide students both in and outside of class time and are invested in their students’ success.

Elective courses in art history, community art and architecture, as well as fine art, design, crafts, horticulture, planning and community development, and botany are all part of the School, giving students many options to find the coursework that suits their individual goals. Tyler consistently encourages students to pursue interdisciplinary work, and the options for collaboration extend beyond Tyler, offering almost limitless opportunities to students who want to combine their passion for art with disiciplines available through Temple University's schools and colleges. Tyler is a truly distinctive model—1600 students in a superb and intense art conservatory and a division focusing on outstanding professional practices in the built environment  set among the myriad resources of a great urban research university of 37,000, at home in one of the most culturally rich cities in the United States.

The General Education Program

In a world where no one can hope to know it all, the best way to prepare for the future is to learn how information is linked and interrelated. GenEd is about making connections—connections between academic knowledge and current controversies, connections across different areas of study, and connections between the classroom and the dynamic city of Philadelphia. A liberal arts education prepares you to deal with a rapidly changing world. It prepares you for leadership and responsibility in the vocational, social, and personal areas of your life.

General education, major, and elective courses; internship, volunteer, and other learning experiences; the social milieu of the campus—all come together to give you a fuller, more integrated experience. For a complete listing of courses, go to www.temple.edu/gened. All students are tested on basic academic skills when they enter Temple University. Scores indicate whether students need to complete developmental courses in reading, writing, and/or mathematics prior to taking the Gen Ed requirement. In some circumstances–when they enter with qualifying AP scores or transfer credit, or due to their choice of a major or program–students will not be required to take certain GenEd courses or will be advised to take a specific course or courses within the Gen Ed area. Successful completion of an approved study abroad program provides a waiver from the World Society area of GenEd.

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