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Scott Kip and Randall Cleaver have been invited to be Temple Contemporary's resident conservators.  Since September, they have been working to restore one of Philaldephia's oldest and grandest Flute Clocks from The Franklin Institute's collection.  Due to disrepair and neglect, its misic has not been heard in over 10 years.  As a continuation of our Restoring Ideals project, the Flute Clock will once again be playing some tunes.  Please stop by to see this work in action.

The Flute clock, or Flötenuhr, is one of the first objects that could make music mechanically, store melodies, and be played repeatedly. You could call it an iPod of the 17th century. Merging the mechanics of a clock and organ, flute clocks use gears, cranks and pipes to recreate the melodies of great composers. Handel, Mozart, and Beethoven wrote melodies specifically for the Flute clock.

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    Temple Contemporary is exploring three questions of relevance this season. They are: Are we sufficiently bored? What are the changing values of wealth? If a the walls of a closed public school could talk, what would they say? Join us as we dive deeper into these questions through lectures, workshops, and exhibitions.

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