Community Arts Practices

The Art Education & Community Arts Practices Department's Community Arts Practices Program works in partnership with community organizations, schools, and artists in North Philadelphia.

The program develops and delivers university courses, after-school arts workshops, intergenerational forums, and inter-disciplinary performances and exhibits which are based on an exchange of knowledge and images between partners, to create art based on the lives and stories of North Philadelphia. Currently, university courses and field internships are offered which feed into ongoing collaborations with local arts organizations. Over the past three years we have created performances and installations that have garnered critical acclaim and enthusiastic local and city-wide audiences. We are a partner in the new Community Arts & Literacy Network of North Philadelphia, and collaborating on program development with Art Sanctuary, the Asian Arts Initiative, Temple University's New City Writing Program, and local schools.


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Upcoming Events

Lecture Series and Seminars


  • Summer Course - Rule Breakers and Makers: Artist, Identity, Society

    Rule Breakers and Makers: Artist, Identity, Society How does society shape and influence artists? How do artists find their individual voices and make an impact? Explo...

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  • The Art of Student Teaching Exhibition

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