Visiting Artists, Scholars and Designers


Each year, the Tyler School of Art and Architecture welcomes industry-leading artists, scholars, architects, designers and professionals. Throughout our world-class facilities and campuses, these individuals can be found giving lectures, readings, demonstrations, as well as meeting individually with students for studio visits, conversations and exchanges of ideas.


2019-2020 Visiting Artists, Scholars and Designers

  • Polly Apfelbaum, artist
  • Laura Bertapelle, artist and designer
  • Nick Cave, artist (Tyler's 2019 Jack Wolgin Annual Visiting Artist)
  • Michèle Pearson Clarke, artist
  • Sonya Clarke, artist
  • Sergio Coscia and David Moos, architects and designers
  • Deborah Czeresko, artist
  • Martha Droge, landscape architect
  • Sarah Erenthal, artist
  • Louise Fishman, artist
  • Harry Gamboa, artist and writer
  • Martin Kersels, artist
  • David Leatherbarrow, architect and scholar
  • Jiyong Lee, artist
  • Ralph Lemon, dancer, choreographer, artist, and writer
  • Miguel Luciano, artist
  • Cannupa Hanska Luger, artist
  • Mary Cheek Mills, glass historian
  • Svetlana Mintcheva, scholar and activist
  • Urayoán Noel, poet
  • Mike Olenick, filmmaker and puzzle pro
  • Laurie Olin, landscape architect
  • Carl Ostendarp, artist
  • Jason Patterson, artist and scholar
  • Sheila Pepe, artist
  • Ronny Quevedo, artist
  • Laxmi Ramasubramanian, scholar of urban planning and policy
  • Hope Rovelto, artist
  • Darin Rowland, artist
  • Jenni Sorkin, art historian
  • Piotr Szyhalski, artist
  • Merle Laderman Ukeles, artist
  • Kukuli Velarde, artist
  • John Wacher, planner
  • Fon Wang, architect


Jack Wolgin Annual Visiting Artists
The Jack Wolgin Annual Visiting Artist Symposium is an endowed visiting artist program that brings one of the nation's most influential artists and thinkers to campus to work with Tyler students and present a free public lecture each year. 


Image: Tyler's 2019 Jack Wolgin Annual Visiting Artist Nick Cave meets with with a student in her studio in Tyler's facilities. Courtesy of Sophie Stasio.