Accessibility at Tyler

The Tyler School of Art and Architecture is committed to creating inclusive and welcoming environments for our students. We celebrate the differences among our students and strive to accommodate the needs of all students by implementing the principles of Universal Design in our physical spaces and learning goals. We offer and provide additional assistance wherever needed to help our students thrive in the arts. 

As an institution that has historically been designed for a population of predominantly able-bodied students, our goal is to be inclusive and reduce barriers of all kinds for students with disabilities. To do this, we facilitate relationships with our students, families, and Temple employees to address individual needs. We encourage our students with disabilities to collaborate with faculty, staff, and University resources to create a learning path that is accessible for them. We are dedicated to making Tyler more accessible for all members of our community.
For students, collaboration begins when students disclose their disability and needs with the school. The easiest way to do this is with Temple University’s Disability Resources and Services (DRS) office. DRS works with students who have a range of learning disabilities, mental health challenges, and physical/mobility barriers to fully experience everything Temple has to offer. The DRS team works with students, faculty, and advising, as well as other staff needed to implement accommodation and assistance to meet individual needs. 

Additional key resources at Temple are available to the Tyler community through the Temple Institute on Disabilities, which is home to Pennsylvania's Assistive Technology Act program, TechOWL. We encourage all our students to engage with these resources and institutions, to help create inclusive and welcoming environments throughout Temple and our communities.

We acknowledge that Tyler and Temple University still have work to do for every student to feel welcomed and comfortable. That work started with our students, staff, and faculty joining together to assess our needs and changes, we encourage any feedback people may have to offer.